Yongnuo Yn600ex-rt support

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Wondering if there's plans to support these flashes? I bought three of these thinking they might work using the existing yongnuo 568 profile (thought I read somewhere that they'd work.) I can change power remotely which is awesome, but flashes seem to fire randomly. Flash fires 100% in full Manual Flash mode (MF setting on Cactus) but I can't control the flash power remotely if I have Manual Flash selected, which defeats the purpose of having this awesome product!
When I press the shutter on my camera or on the trigger the flash shows some kind of metering info on the flash for a second and does nothing. At times it fires.

Wondering if I need to get rid of these and exchange them for 568s or if they'll be an update! Thanks!


  • Hello,

    We didn't have chance to test with YN600EX-RT. The Cactus V6 probably doesn't support the flash for the remote power control. But if you wish, you can use the V6 as a wireless manual flash trigger, please select MANUAL FLASH in the V6's flash profile selection. The power level adjustment would be done in the flash in manual mode.

    Thank you.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
  • not so good, that you leave the yongnuos out.
    its also not that nice, you dont care about sigmas top flashes... like 610DG Super....(no control possible)
    same goes for the ringflash (EM-140 DG) which would be predestined for a highlight(eyes) flash in some setups...
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