Pentax K3 | Cactus V6 II | Jinbei Studioflash not triggering in Powersync above X-sync

Hi there,
i'm trying to get my Pentax K3 working with my Jinbei MSN II 400 studioflash.
I'm using two Cactus V6 II (latest firmware) in TX/RX Mode.
Camera system is set to Pentax (or auto - doesn't make any difference) on TX; Sync Mode is set to Power-Sync
Flash system is set to manual (or auto - doesn't make any difference) on TX and RX
The RX unit is connected to the flash with an sync-cable using the external sync port.
SuperSync is enabled on the flash.

Everything works fine as long as i stay above or at the x-sync time (1/160s).
I may choose a faster shutterspeed on the camera but if i do so the flash doesn't fire at all.

In my opinion it should work this way. Is there something i'm missing ?
Any suggestions ?

btw.: the camera thinks there's a GPS unit attached, at least it shows up on the display


  • Well... after some testing i found a solution.
    The Problem was, that my TX-unit was recognized not as a flash but as a GPS-module. By pressing slightly to the side on the top right corner of the transciever it was recognized as a flash and everything worked like a charm. (except that i had to keep the pressure).
    Switching the two trancievers between camera and flash did the trick. The second unit is always recognized as a flash and works without manual pressure. It shouldn't be this way but now i got my setup up and running.
    Looks like the transceivers are not identical (as they should be) but have some slight differences.

  • Thanks Purpur. 

    It's good to see it works. 
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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