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I have a Fuji X-T2, V6 II (1.002 firmware), and RS-60X (103 firmware).  I just updated to 1.002.  Previously with 1.001 the TTL mode did not show up in the camera menu.  It only showed "M".  The flash worked fine.

When I updated to 1.002, the TTL mode showed in the camera menu.  Great!  But when I shoot a picture, the flash keeps flashing until I turn it off.  

When I updated the firmware it seems that it wiped out my configuration on the V6 II, so I re-entered the radio ID.  Prior to that the flash didn't flash.  After, that's when I saw the multiple flashes (BTW, Multiflash is off).  I thought maybe I needed to make the V6 II relearn the camera, so I did that.  No change.


Also previously when the system was in manual mode, turning the dial changed the power on the flash.  In TTL mode it doesn't change anything.  Is the power change possible in TTL mode?


  • Can you check the shooting mode on the camera, please set it to single shoot and try again?

    FYI,  you may have to remove the hot shoe spring of the camera in case you find connection issue with the V6II. Please click the following link for the tutorial video,

    I hope that helps. 
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
  • I figured out the problem.  When the RS-60X screen dims, I don't know the correct way to make it bright again so I can see it.  I press any key and it wakes up.  I think I pressed the "Multi / HSS" key a couple of times and it went into MULTI mode.  I pressed it again and it went to HSS mode and now it fires only once (that I can see), not multiple times.

    Since you are a product specialist and I am a newbie, here are my first thoughts after using both of your products:  you need to document common use cases either via application notes or YouTube videos.  I specifically purchased the RS-60X so that I minimized the chance of configuration errors.  

    An application note could be "How to set up the V6 II and RS-60X for TTL".  Since you support the Fuji via the quick setup guide, it would also be hugely helpful to create a Fuji version of such a document with any Fuji-specific settings and operations.

    I've had these products just a few days and still haven't taken a photo where I feel "Ah – got it."  At the moment I feel like it will be trial and error.  A document that explains the TTL setup and the HSS setup would be very helpful.
  • BTW, I have connected a couple of dots.  I see that Ray Chan has posted several YouTube videos, one in particular that discusses configuration of the X-T2, the V6 II, and the RS-60X.  This one discusses how to set up the three devices for HSS.  I know you don't have infinite time to keep these up to date, but there is something misleading at approximately 3:15 where it shows that the V6 II firmware is 1.1.010.  This is pretty confusing because the Fuji firmware that was released yesterday (7/4/17) is FUJ.1.002.  The web site shows FUJ.1.001 as the previous version.  Maybe 1.1.010 was the original version?

    In any case, FUJ.1.001 did not work for me.  The odd version number in this video actually prompted me to go back to see if there was a bug fix, so in that sense this video was helpful.  I think it would be good to add some kind of text note that says "new firmware is available as of 7/4/17".

    I would love to see something on TTL since this is how I will use your products most often.
  • The Firmware 1.1.010 is the multi-brand version, HSS capable.
    The FUJ.1.002 is ne newest update to remote TTL for Fuji system.
    Cactus allows you to choose the right one for you.
    If the Firmware starts with a number is multi-brand.
    If the Firmware starts with three letters is remote TTL for the specific brand system. 
  • Thank you.  I assume that FUJ.1.002 is also HSS capable?  Or not...  Is there a reason to use 1.1.010 if you aren't using multiple brands of cameras?
  • Yes, it is HSS capable.
    The only reason to use the multi brand firmware is you do not want the remote TTL.
    Even with the new X-TTL firmware you can manually control one or several groups and use one or more groups on TTL at same time.
    And you the Fuji users will see a lot of improvements.
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