Add option for changing the group button behavior

Currently pressing the group buttons (A, B, C, D) will toggle the group on and off, and holding it down while turning the wheel adjusts power.

Changing power is a much more frequent operation than turning a group on or off. I find adjusting the flash power using the current group button behaviour to be awkward, especially when hand-holding the camera. Having to exert down pressure on a group button while turning the wheel with one hand, while holding the camera with the other, will eventually result in dropped equipment. Pressing and holding a group button to select it for power adjustments is better, but still awkward for repeated fine-tuning of power output for multiple groups.

I'd like to see an option where pressing and holding a group button toggles it on or off, while a momentary press selects it for power adjustments. The selection would not be exclusive, so pressing A and then C would select both for power adjustment, while B and D would remain unselected. When done adjusting power, press the respective group button again to deselect it.


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    I think what you are suggesting is that each group has two statuses:
    1. whether it is active or inactive
    2. whether it is selected for adjustments

    The V6 would have to show both "active" and "selected" statuses in the display for each group.

    Currently, 1. & 2. are always synchronised.

    I support your suggestion and can only speculate that Cactus did not go for it because it would have made for a slightly more complex interaction with the V6. 

    Also, there may be event shooters that rarely need to adjust the levels once they are set, but need a quick way to change which light sources are active. 

    I guess a menu option that selects either "selection" or "activation" priority could make all types of shooters happy.

  • Whether a group is active / inactive would still be indicated by the LED under the button.

    Whether a group is selected for adjustments would be indicated using the white-on-black text currently being used when holding down a group button and using the adjustment wheel.

    And yes, I am not suggesting replacing the existing behavior, but making a new one available through a menu option.
  • Thanks THoff, sounds like a small way of adjusting single or multiple groups. I also agree that turning an entire group on and off is not that frequent, but the press-once goes on / off is most intuitive.

    I will pass your suggestion to R&D and see the possibility of adding such a use for the group buttons.

    Thank you and keep on sharing your wish list of features / operattion methods :)
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager

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