Disable Selection Dial

I had my first shoot with the V6 today, and they performed perfectly, however I have a pretty serious problem.  When I hold the camera to my eye to look through the viewfinder, my forehead touches the V6 transmitter.  Several times I found that I had moved the adjustment dial this way, and every V6 receiver in the studio was appropriately too bright or dark.

It seems pretty critical that a lockout be somehow created, so that this doesn't happen.  I think perhaps if the OK button was optionally able to serve as a lockout control, so that it could toggle the lockout on or off, would solve the problem.  Press OK and the dial by itself does nothing (but still adjust individual groups as normal).  Press OK again to enable every-group adjustment. 

I never once needed to adjust the groups in whole steps, so the current function of the OK button was never used.  But I did adjust every group with my forehead at least eight times, which is not very helpful.


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