How to Troubleshoot my Cactus V5

First, on the malfunctioning transceiver could you check if the batteries are installed with correct polarity?

Then set one of your transciever as a transmitter (Tx), and the malfunctioning unit as a receiver (Rx).  With the same channel selected, half press the Test button on the Tx V5, do you see the LED light up in amber on both transceivers? If you find it hard to see the light, please test your transceivers in a dim lighting area.

Third, when you full press the test button the Tx, does both LED light up in green? Please refrain from holding the Test button over 2 second as it would put the system in bulb which is used for bulb-mode shooting. Now switch the transceiver modes on the V5 and repeat the test. Do the LED lights up in amber and green accordingly? If the LED does not come on, try switching to other channels and try again.

Now with your flash unit mounted on the Rx unit securely with the flash hot shoe locked in place, set the flash unit to M (manual) Mode and repeat the above 2 tests and if the LED lights up but your flash is not triggered, it is likely to be a hot shoe connection issue. On the other hand, if pressing the Test button works, but not when you mount your Tx unit on your camera hot shoe, it is likely a hot shoe issue between your camera and the Tx transceiver.


  • I have a Canon T5i and when I get the V5 all set up when I press the test button on the transceiver to sync them up the LED on both lights up as orange. When I take a photo the camera doesn't trigger the flash but the flash does go off when the test button is used. What does two orange LEDs mean?
  • I guess the the V5 may be running low batteries. The TX or RX unit LED blinks for every 3 seconds if there is insufficient battery power. Please replace batteries and retry.
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    What does two orange LEDs mean?
    The V5 uses orange to signal that you are using a "half-press". This won't fire a flash or camera, but will initiate auto-focus, if you are using a V5 receiver to trigger a camera. Normally, one uses the orange confirmation to check that the radio communication is working.

    As you will have noticed, pressing down on the test button fully will cause a green confirmation light on the V5 transmitter (and on the receiver, if radio communication is working).

    Do you see the green confirmation light on the V5 transmitter, when you press the shutter release button of the camera? If not, the V5 does not get a trigger signal from the camera, for some reason.

    If the V5 transmitter LED confirms as one would expect, the next step is to make sure that the receiver also shows a green confirmation light.
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