645Z HSS users please help

hi to all 645z users, what are your settings when using your 645z in HSS w/ flash or strobes

While using 645z, I will occasionally get banding, exspecially if camera is left unused for minutes. Affect the canon flashes or the strobe in HSS mode,. 

Solution has been toggle the TX's "Custom settings" from Type1/2/3 back to OFF

Any of the 645z users experiencing this as well??

Here are my settings:

TX and RX on firmware 1. 1.011

Camera System = Pentax
Flash System = Canon
Custom Setting = OFF
Flash Profile = 580ex or 430ex

RX on 430exii or 580exii:
Auto detect Canon Flash

RX w/ sync cord to Flashpoint RL-600 strobe:
Manual Flash


  • How bas is your banding on the strobe?  I've found there appears to be a latency issue which causes issues on one of my packs even at X-sync (it is resolved if I go below X-sync), but my other packs are fine with it.

    It's frustrating because the banding doesn't get worse above X-sync, which suggests I'd be able to use HSS if the pack could just be fired early enough.

    Examples of the level of banding I'm seeing are in this thread:

  • @paulster when it happens, its the top 1/3 of the photo.

    I was testing it yesterday, doing a photoshoot. Using 2 cameras bodies 645z and 5D3, triggering the same strobe

    During the shoot, seems to be working occasionally for 645z, while no issue at all with the 5D3. Changing  "Custom settings" from Type1/2/3 back to OFF seems to resolve the issue most of the time
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