Compatability Table

I have just purchased Cactus V6 which I think is excellent idea, enabling you to use older flashguns/speedlights.

I was just wondering if it would be possible to have on this forum or your website, a list of all compatible flashguns tested by yourselves and users who have flash units not tested by you. It could include settings used or work arounds,  this could be either updated by you, or community users.

I may be wrong but from what I am reading OEM manufacturer AF flashguns are ok but third party flashguns are unpredictable

Do you think this would be useful for users and prospective purchasers.


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    1. Flash models supported by predefined profiles
    2. Flash models compatible for profiling
    3. Flash models not supporting profiling

    List items 2. & 3. point to the information you are looking for.

    I don't think that third-party flashguns are any more unpredictable than OEM flashguns (that does not seem to be the case with Pentax, for instance, where there is at least one OEM flashgun that does not cooperate but many third-party models that do), but Cactus would probably know a better answer to this question.

  • Thank you for your points, I think going by what you are saying a table off flashguns that work would be a good idea. This would help everyone, they could see at a glance if a flashgun they were thinking of buying is compatible, maybe save someone money and frustration.

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