RF60X out of the box on OLY

Hello all,

Yesterday, I went to a shop and want to buy an rf60x for my Olympus OM-D E-M5 mark II.
I want to test this flash, so they put some batteries into the rf60x and mount the flash on my camera.
But my camera does not see the flash! When I take a photographe, the flash fired, but it was completed over-exposed. TTL was not working, and on the display of the camera, there was no flash sign.

I want to buy this flash, because It has to work on two cameras (Nikon and Olymputs mft).
So, can someone tell me what I have to do, so the shop can show it is working 'out of the box'?

Thanks all for any advice.
Dirk, Belgium


  • The RF60X only is a TTL flash in combination with a V6II trigger.

    On-camera, on its own, it is just a "dumb" manual flash.
  • Hi "Class A",
    I see that you are a moderator on this community. So, I can believe you for 100%?
    It's really pity that this flash does not have TTL capacities on his own "local mode".on top of the camera. If this is really true, I have to buy 2 flashes... What a pity,

    So, thanks for your advice. Cheers, Dirk
  • Just have a look at the hot-shoe connector of the RF60X; with only a single centre pin, there aren't enough contacts to support anything but plain triggering at shutter speeds that don't exceed the sync-speed.
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