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Hello Antonio,

Can you share an update on the yet to be released RQ250 availability ?


Michel Jarry


  • @MJarry
    Thank you for being with us. Here is the RQ250 product schedule.

    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
  • Can you please give an update on the RQ250, mainly
    if the Kickstarter fails to reach target will you do offers for those of us that pledged support?
    failing 1, what price do you propose?
    are accessories 1 the grid kit
    and 2 an Elinchrom mount available?
    and what date will you start shipping?
  • The RQ250 had very interesting specs, which at least for me, for a good part justify the higher price compared to e.g. AD200, and it would have been a good addition to my lighting collection, but for that price I prefer to buy at a local shop, so I do not have to worry about warrantees, importing, customs duties etc, and not back the kickstarter. Too bad it will not go into production.
  • Would rather have seen a RF60X type version using a bare bulb flash using the same body design as the existing RF60X and able to use all existing accessories. No modelling light just a bare bulb unit and adjustable power. Believe in keeping things simple. KISS (Keep it Super Simple).
    Thought the RQ250 would have been better as a studio flash unit at 250Ws (fan cooled) then another RQ500 at 500Ws and then maybe RQ1000 at 1000Ws. Possibly with an external power pack for outdoor use of at least the RQ250 and also mains AC power for indoor use. All compatible with the V6II radio trigger
    Would have liked to see a rechargeable battery pack for the RF60x instead of the existing 8 battery pack currently being marketed also maybe an AC power unit for the RF60X for indoor use and especially for a bare bulb version of an RF60X.
  • A bare bulb RF60 would still only have around 70ws power, not enough for outdoor work. I run 2 x 2 RF60s on twin mounts powered by the Godox PB960 power pack, firing through 42" Octobox modifiers. Since the TQ was scrapped I've been testing both AD200 and AD400PRO lights with the X-Pro P trigger. The AD200 has the output, but no fan, no colour consistency and no TTL for Pentax. The 400PRO is heavy at 3.6KG before adding modifiers, and is actually quite a large unit. The trigger has been faultless. If a 200 PRO version (as rumoured) appears then for me it will mean a complete system change. I'll still use my Metz AF58s as on camera TTL when necessary, and 3 x 200 PROs for the heavy work. Studio wise I'll still have my Elinchrom lights.
  • I originally researched PixaPro in the UK under www.essentialphoto.co.uk when I came across Cactus as a brand that appeared to have potential in providing a flash system that was compatible with Pentax. Purchased a couple V6II's and a V6 and two RF60x units. Quite happy with the system. Essential Photo (PixaPro) had a bare bulb flash system at a guide number (claimed) as 80m at ISO 100. As against the RF60x at 56. Maybe only a small increase in output for bare bulb. But thought that bare bulb would fill a softbox better than a standard RF60x. I do not want to change system as available options are limited elsewhere.

  • BuckleyNW, like you I use Pentax, usually a pair of K1s for weddings and events, each with a V6-11 and 2 pairs of RF60s mounted in umbrella Octoboxes. I've had Cactus V4, 5 & 6 triggers previously and loved the way they were progressing and supporting out with the big two Cannon and Nikon.
    However things are moving on at pace, brides want the outside beauty shot with bright sun, shooting models in the Algarve, Prague and Iceland has shown where my kit is lacking. Simply put I need more flash power to overcome the sun. I don't particularly want to change from a system I know well and have had very little trouble with, but I need to be able to provide what the client wants. Honestly if the RQs had been another £50 I'd still have ordered them. It's the simplicity of having all my location or event lighting controlled by one trigger, so I can mix and match output as necessary, ie RQs for main and fill with an RF for hair or accent.
    I do have some old Lastolite softboxes that use the speedlite mount you show above, most of my location modifiers are umbrella mount for quickness and convenience.
    There is a 400ttl battery light from Auroa Lighting that has a built in Catcus receiver but reviews are scarce and I can't track down a physical unit to test. The spec is lower than the proposed RQ would have been. It would be great if Cactus were open and said we're a bit short of cash but it's coming in 6 months at £x or no it's totally dead never to exist. Remember they showed pictures of the components arriving for assembly, by the timeline tooling should also exist. Existing customers would then be in a position to decide stick or twist.
  • Cactus probably are a victim of their own success. They have very cleverly produced an all in one radio transmitter and receiver that is cross camera band compatible alongside the ability to use a large range of other brands of flash unit (Speedlights). Hat's for the brilliant idea and concept. But then who want's to buy a flash from Cactus. There is a saying " Shooting oneself in the foot". Cactus now a supplier of one product and that is a radio trigger only. As another saying goes " Once the horse has bolted it is too late to lock the stable door". I also wanted something more powerful than the RF60x and it has been a long wait to no result. I did a table of GN's for the RF60x just to get a feel for the light output at different zoom levels and power settings. Just felt that a bare bulb flash unit based around the RF60x might have been a little better once one eliminated the zoom capability and with the bulb sitting out further from the end of the flash unit would spill the light out in a better spread to fill a soft box and work better with a beauty dish. Just a thought, because I have no way at this time of comparing results.
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