Trigger Metz & canon flash problem

Gear: a7ii+24-70gm+v6iis
Flash A: metz 64af + v6iis. Flash B: canon 550ex+ v6ii

All three triggers updated the latest firmware.

When I trigger A & B separately, TTL n M mode can give out accurate power. The minor problem is metz one will fire suddenly when I half-press the shutter sometime.

The bigger problems is when I trigger metz and canon altogether, sometime metz will not fire but canon will
Give 1/1 power, I need to press fire button on the trigger(metz one) to fire one time, then the further shot it will function normally, and canon one I need to do the same to let it fire few times....

I don't know how to fix the conection problem? Or some bugs appear?
Any one metz 64 will fire sometime when you half press the shutter?(only happen when attached on the trigger, directly on camera hvt happen before)


  • @frankie I assumed you are using Metz 64 AF for Sony. I just tested it with our gear and didn't find the triggering problem. I use V6 IIs firmware SON.A.004.

    I guess it could the hot shoe issue that the connection is corrupted. If you can swap the V6 IIs on your camera and test again. That will tell whether it's hardware issue or not.

    I hope that helps.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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