Pentax to multi-brand only allowing single HSS shot without pressing the test button to reset

Using PEN.A.005 on 645Z to V62.A.001 on receivers, cabled to studio packs, I can fire a single shot from the camera when I go above sync speed and into the HSS speed range, and then successive shutter releases don't fire the flash at all. If I send a test flash from the trigger on the camera I can then trigger another HSS release with the shutter, but again only once.


  • I recommend using the same firmware in both TX and RX unit of the V6 II. Please give it a try.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
  • I'll try it when I'm back in a week or so, but any of the A firmwares are supposed to be able to trigger any of the others. And since I sometimes use a non-Pentax trigger to fire the flashes it made sense to leave all the receivers running the generic firmware.

    Can you confirm that it should work this way?
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