Cactus V6 connection error MacOS


I cannot start the firmware update on MacOS using latest v.2.01 Mac updater.

Please see the attached image.

After I click OK, nothing happens.

What can I do?

Kind regards,
Alan J Reb


  • We have fixed the problem. Please try again.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
  • raychan said:

    We have fixed the problem. Please try again.

    Thank you, it works now.
  • I have been attempting to update both a v6 and a V6II. The updater is not seeing either device. I have deleted and reinstalled the Updater twice. Need some advice
  • the device light is flashing red
  • The Updater shows no device connected
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    Try downloading / reinstalling the Firmware Updater, but this time, disable any anti-virus programs you may have running in the background, such as Norton or McAfee. Just disable it for 10-15 minutes. Because during the installation, it will install the drivers. However most anti-virus programs picks this up as a threat (perhaps because we haven't paid them money?), which obviously it is not a threat.

    Give that a try and the computer will recognize your V6 II / V6.

    Thank you.
  • Hello
    After downloading Cactus V6 Ver. V61.A.003 successfully with Cactus updater V2.01 system ask to press update button then a red dot flashes on device. Waited more than 20 minutes and nothing happens. Something I missed?

  • The latest macOS Catalina may have clashed with the updater. The issue affects the connection between Mac and V6 (V6 II should be unaffected). If you have a chance to get a PC, please do it at the moment. We need quite a bit of time to make new versions of Mac updater to cater for the new OS.
  • Done it this weekend with a friend's PC. Thanks for the advice.
  • Great. Sorry for the inconvenience at the moment.
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