ATTENTION! hard to understand | V6ii doesn't fire a RF60x when V5 added over

Hi all,

So, you've been curious enough to read to title and come to this problem...congrats. But that's only the start the travel through my issue.

I've 2 flashes to fire. One RF60x and one Metz AF 48.

In order to do so, I have my V6ii on the hot shoe (update with the PEN-A-005 which in not compatible with cactus V5 anymore) to trigger the RF 60x and 2 Cactus V5 (one over the V6ii, one on the flash metz)

I can trigger the cactus RF60x via the V6ii....I can trigger the Metz via the V5....but when i want to trigger both (V6 [ON] and V5 [ON])...the RF60x doesn't fire!!!

No idea when it can come ID/ any other conflict?


and thanks in were brave to read until here.


  • Although V5 and V6 II (A version) speaks in different languages, they still use the same RF channel to communicate.

    As a result, the signals cancel out each other when triggering.

    Please try switching V5 to a totally different channel from the V6 II and see if it would make a difference.

    Thanks for your interesting post!
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