Cactus V 6 Triggers Won’t Adjust Off-Camera Flash Power


I didn’t have this problem before, but all of a sudden, I can’t adjust the power of the flashes hat are off camera. I move the dial on my transceiver, and the off-camera flashes fire, but the strength of the flash doesn’t change.

I reread the user manual but can’t figure it out. What am I missing? Please help!


  • Does the power level indicator on the V6 LCD screen change as expected? If yes, please try making a factory reset of the TX and RX and see if the same happens. At times, some unintended change in setup (e.g., accidentally entered into relay mode) may affect the outcome. Meanwhile, to prevent your RX being controlled by other parties' TX, please send your own radio ID in the menu for all the units.
  • Are your off-camera flashes set to TTL mode?

    If they are in manual mode, they will fire but won't be able to adjust the power level.
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