RF60 power increments

Hi All

Does anyone know how to change the power on the RF60 to full stops or even 1/2 stop increments instead of 1/3



  • Hi @Garym5 there is only 1/3 increment available on the RF60.

    However if you are using the V6 with the RF60, you may adjust it by 1 full stop, 1/2 , 1/3 or 1/10. Note the display on the RF60 won't show the exact power changes due to the segment on the LCD.

    While I'm on this topic, not sure if you know about this:

    Full Stops Shortcut Key
    With DIAL LOCK disabled, at any power range, say 1/64 +3, push the Adjustment Wheel / OK Button once, then each subsequent scroll of the Wheel will change the power by one full stop, down to 1/128 +3 or up to 1/32 +3.   Push again on the Wheel or OK Button to go back to the previous increment.
  • Hi Antonio

    Thanks for that. I was aware of the function on the V6 but I'm interested in changing in full stops when on camera flash. I shoot weddings and in manual mode. I would find it a great addition to be able to do this with a few less clicks. Maybe this could be implemented in a firmware update? It would be very handy. Being able to click twice rather than 6 times.
    Maybe something like holding in one of the buttons to change to 1/2 or 1/1 steps of power.


  • Hi Gary,

    Thanks for the suggestions!  I will pass them on to R&D.
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