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Flash + Transceiver = Cactus Wireless Flash RF60

Cactus RF60 is a portable flash with a built-in transceiver*.

The RF60 ALONE, without an external receiver, can be triggered directly by a Cactus transceiver.

Its power and zoom level can even be remotely controlled by a Cactus Flash Transceiver V6.

*A transceiver is a trigger-and-receiver-combined device.

Flash controls flashes

The built-in transceiver in the RF60 allows the flash to send wireless signal to or receive wireless signal from another RF60. This unique feature makes an RF60 capable of being a commander (set as Master) to control the power and zoom level of other RF60s (set as Slave).


Work in groups

Each RF60 can be configured into four distinct groups. Power level can be adjusted for individual group or all the groups at the same time for fast adjustments. You can assign each of the RF60s to different groups and give them names so you won't forget where you last placed them.


Truly powerful

Is the claimed Guide Number true? See the comparison table and find out for yourself.
(Refer to comparison by
Brian Hursey Photography)


Quick adjustment

By designing a user interface that is focused on ease of use, Cactus adds the “+” and “-” buttons on the RF60 to make navigation extremely fast and easy.


Cactus RF60

Wireless Flash

 Created with photographers in mind.

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