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Press Release: Cactus X-TTL firmware for Pentax is available now. Download the FREE firmware upgrade on the V6 II to have wireless P-TTL, cross-brand HSS, Rear-curtain sync as well as power and zoom control!
Starting with the Pentax X-TTL firmware, a new wireless protocol is in place so be sure to also update the firmware on Cactus RF60 and RF60X for wireless P-TTL support. The new firmware is easily identified by a letter “A” in the firmware name.
Visit X-TTL’s microsite to learn more:

Click Here


Cactus V6 II won the 2018 Digital Camera Grand Prix (DGP) Awards Gold Prize in the category of Lighting related accessories and the Cactus RF60X also won the Gold Prize in the category of Strobe / Ring Strobe (Portable Flash). For more information please visit http://dc.phileweb.com.