Cactus CC-1

The Cactus Carrying Case CC-1 is tailor-made to fit two (2) wireless flash trigger units, such as V6 II, V6 IIs, V6 and V5, plus two flash stands and/or extra AA batteries.

Cactus DC-60Cactus DC-60

The DC-60 Diffuser Cap Kit is a must-have accessory for the RF60 and RF60X as it softens the hard light with a soft white diffuser, a 1/2 CTO warming diffuser and a 1/2 CTB cooling diffuser.

Cactus EP-1Cactus EP-1

Cactus EP-1 battery pack is designed to power Cactus Wireless Flash RF60 and RF60X to further reduce recycling time.

Cactus EP-1 also works with Canon 600EX-RT, 580EX II, 580EX and other flash models that come with the same external power socket.

Download the User Manual:

  • Cactus EP-1 User Manual (English) Cactus EP-1 User Manual PDF English