Alessandro Carpentiero | Cactus Ambassador

Alessandro Carpentiero
Milano, Italy | Facebook | Instagram

I'm an italian photographer specialized in Travel and Architecture. I've been travelling around the world shooting Cityscapes and Hotels, working for clients such as Club Med, Design Hotels, Capella Resorts and others. I collaborate with DJI as an ambassador and content creator, shooting aerial views of my travels.

I've started playing around with cameras when I was 8 years old, and since then I never stopped. My passion for Architectural photography started once I got my degree in Product Design, which gave me a different perspective in how I see things, making me develop that so called "Designer-eye". I've combined that with my Photography knowledge and started my business activity.

I've soon realized that in order to get professional results for interiors I would have needed off-camera flashes. That's the best way to have a complete control over what happens in your scene and shape your vision. The Cactus RF60 and the V6 provided me exactly with what I was looking for: a complete and reliable radio flashes system, easy to use and of great value.