Max De Martino
Milan, Italy

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I am a professional photographer.

I love light.

The light I need is not always available, so sometimes I need to create my own light and I love to use off-camera flashes. I like to have total control of my off-camera flashes, without the limitation of optical triggers, for that reason I use the Cactus V6 and RF60 to control not only the power, but also the zoom capabilities of these flashes.

In Italy I give many workshops connected to the use of flash, on or off camera, and these tools make my job easier. Both bare flash or modified by light shaping tools, the Cactus flash system is easy to use and is powerful, so I don’t loose time and can stay concentrated on my subject. This is very important when I work with commercial clients like Chanel, my most important one and that I follow for every need about events they organize in Italy.