Ilko Allexandroff
Kobe, Japan

I am a Bulgarian photographer, living in Japan! I've been here since 2008, and I started my photography probably couple of years after I came to Japan. The reason I came was to study management and I did not have any interest in photography at that time, didn't even own my camera! Then I got my first camera, and my journey started!

First I was shooting around and I thought that I'm really good... But then I asked myself a question, "If someone has the same camera, same lens, aren't they probably take a pretty similar photo at the same situation I am shooting?" And the answer made me understand I am not doing enough, I am not doing anything interesting! That is what made me think of what I can do to make my photos different! That was the time I started using my first flash, and I started with off-camera lighting! That was giving me a chance to make things different than others, no matter if they had the same camera and lens! Anyway building a style is not something that becomes immediately, it takes time, and evolves all the time, and probably never finish until you try to create!

Still being a student I had to make a decision what should I do after I graduate my university and get my MBA, and I was doing the job hunting like my classmates! It looked so difficult to become a photographer in Japan especially as a foreigner! Anyway I felt that this is what I want to do, and decided to go for it with all my effort, quitting my future as a marketer in some Japanese company, and starting from zero doing only photography! It was quite scary in the beginning with no savings in my bank account, but having that hard times really helped me concentrate and do my best to go ahead!

That's what happened a little by little, experience was increasing and with that my confidence as well, bringing better and better results!

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