Natalino Russo
Rome, Italy

“Sometimes the ambient light needs a help”

I am a travel writer and photographer, based in Italy. I work for magazines and books, so I’m constantly in search of good pictures to complete my stories. When away from home and office, in overcrowded towns or remote villages, in a desert or in a cave, I prefer to stay lightweight. I bring with me little equipment: only two bodies and a strict selection of lenses, preferably of the Micro Four Thirds system (I’m a member of the Olympus Visionary Team).

I love spontaneous situations, when sunlight or ambient light shine and draw details, rescuing them form shadows. However, in many situations the ambient light needs a help or a filling. Or – as in the caves – it is indispensable an artificial source of light. The on-camera flash is not a viable solution, for evident reasons. So, the solution is off camera light. For an optimal communication between camera and flashes I prefer the radio system: Cactus RF60 and V6 are fast and reliable, and not affected by obstacles like walls or trees.

This solution allows me to light also big subterranean places, or using an additional light in landscape and travel photography.