Nick Fancher
Columbus, USA

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My name is Nick Fancher and I'm a Columbus, Ohio based portrait and commercial photographer that specializes in lighting— specifically with the use of small flash in unconventional locations. My clients include The New York Times, IBM, JackThreads and Bath and Body Works to name a few. I’ve written several books on the subject of working minimally, the most well-known being Studio Anywhere. I’ve worked with a number of different flash systems over the years including Canon, Nikon and LumoPro but found Cactus’ RF60 and V6 system to be the absolute best. Not only are they affordable and durable, they are intuitive and compact.

My goal when I travel is to never check a bag and Cactus has made this possible. Since the receivers are built-in, I can fit two RF60s and a V6 along with two camera bodies, two lenses and a MacBook in my laptop bag. The Cactus CB-60 soft box with grid easily fits in my carry-on bag, allowing me to get soft, dramatic light anywhere in the world. Now with the RF60X and V6II system I can seamlessly shoot in high speed sync as well. It’s as if they designed their product catalog around my personal workflow.