Leon Oosthuizen
Cape Town, South Africa

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The art of storytelling lies in how all the main elements are woven together with the more subtle nuances. He consists more or less of equal parts artist, tech geek, teacher and comedian. Where these facets overlap is where he finds great joy in being a visual storyteller.

He fell in love with photography at the ripe age of three. Since then, the magic and mystery of making ideas visible, understandable and enjoyable has been a strong driving force that underscores his approach to life, yet is most commonly expressed through the medium of photography.

Leon is a South African photographer based in Cape Town and has a B.Tech Fine Art qualification. Besides the medium of photography, he is interested in knowing how things are designed to solve everyday problems with a dig side order of style. Leon is drawn to both the technical and creative foundations of photography in order to speak into the world around him.

A wide variety of subject matter can be found in Leon’s portfolio. Most notably, he shoots products, corporate portraits, weddings, architectural, and conceptual work. He is hardly ever seen without a camera and is always ready to do some black and white street photography. Leon has many local and international clients and he has recently been on the Street focus podcast, Hashtag Radio and OrmsTV.

Leon has embraced mirrorless technology and selected Fujifilm as his brand of choice because of the film-like feel, compact size, ease of use and superb image quality to name but a few aspects. He places high value on mobility and flexibility. This thinking isn't just reflected in his choice of camera, but also in the way he prefers to deal with lighting in the form of hotshoe-type flashes. Cactus offers highly versatile transceiver triggers, flashes and modifiers that make the use of off-camera lighting quick, easy, compact and above all, a joy.

He loves connecting with people. This is evident in his tailored 1-on-1 and small-group photographic courses. Leon also started the 15th-of-a-second Facebook group, hosts photowalks with the goal of exploring the creative processes of image making.