• Cactus CM-60 Circular mask
  • Cactus CM-60 Strip mask 20cm
  • Cactus CM-60 Strip mask 7cm
  • Cactus CM-60 Soft Box Mask Set
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CM-60 Soft Box Mask Set

Specially made for the Cactus CB-60 series 60 x 60cm soft boxes, this set of masks can be mounted directly onto the Velcro strips of the square soft box to create beautiful catch lights and highlights. The set includes a circular mask and two strip masks, a narrow strip at 20cm width and an even narrower strip at 7cm.

All the masks can be attached and taken off in seconds as they simply snaps on by Velcro, making application extremely quick and easy. Plus, it can be used in conjunction with the existing grid on CB-60W and CB-60S for the desired effect.

  • Cactus 60cm Soft Box Mask Set CM-60;
  • White translucent fabric with black mask sewed on top;
  • Set of 3 masks each measuring 53.5 x 53.5cm;
  • (1) Circular mask diameter: 43.5cm;
  • (2) Strip mask width: 20cm;
  • (3) Strip mask width: 7cm;
  • Net weight (include carrying bag): 350g.
  • Circular mask x 1;
  • Strip mask 20cm x 1;
  • Strip mask 7cm x 1;
  • Carrying bag (38 x 20cm) x1.