V5 Wireless Shutter Release General Setup

  1. Switch off all devices including the camera and V5 transceivers;
  2. With the V5 switched off, connect the shutter release cable from the transceiver x-sync port to the shutter release terminal on your camera;
  3. Switch on your camera;
  4. Select Rx on the V5 transceiver that is connected to the camera;
  5. Select Tx on the other V5 transceiver that you hold in your hand as a remote;
  6. Ensure both transceivers are set to the same channel;
  7. Half press the Test button and both transceivers LED should light up in amber and camera focuses;
  8. If there is no LED light on the Rx unit, try another channel;
  9. Full press and a green LED will light up and the shutter is released.
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