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I use the Pentax system: a K-70 body with an AF540FGZ. I was looking for something that would allow me to do off-camera HSS and learnt that Cactus V6-II was my best option. Since I am new to the Cactus system, I have a sort of a stupid question. To be able to fire my AF540 off-camera, I need *TWO* V6-II transceivers, one mounted on my camera hotshoe and the other fitted to the flash-gun off-camera. Is that right?



  • Yes, that's correct.

    You need one unit on the camera, and one unit for each off-camera flash. Only the RF60x has a built-in radio receiver, all other speedlights need their own receiver attached.
  • Here is the Problem I shoot Pentax 645Z & K1 (and older K3 & K5). The question I have is does cactus support GODOX AD360II or the Flashpoint Streak Light 360 for direct radio transmission control or do you have to stack the GODOX Trigger in the V6II hotshoe. and use the GODOX Receiver in the flash ? Or do you have to use Multiple V6II in receiver mode (expensive proposition) since I do use up to three AD360II's in the field + one on top of camera to control them all !!

    Thanks for any advice

  • Cactus products only talk to Cactus products over radio.  Irrespective of the frequency bands chosen by each manufacturer, the actual protocols are proprietary, so one manufacturer's triggers can't talk to another's.  So your options are as you proposed.
  • Could you use an infra red trigger on the Cactus unit to fire the AF540 ?
  • @stub
    Why not add a V6II receiver and get power and zoom control over the AF540?

    I don't see the point of using an infrared trigger. You might as well then just use a P-TTL HSS flash as a trigger and not use any V6II at all.
  • @George
    Direct radio control is not supported as paulster wrote.

    Trigger stacking is not officially supported by Cactus but has been working until firmware version V1.1.006. So using this firmware version (and a basic Godox trigger and possibly the "Nikon" flash profile), you should be OK. Many Pentax users got this to work.

    I hope that Cactus can iron out the remaining Pentax issues in V1.1.009 with a future firmware release so that one isn't forced to use an old firmware version.
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