Sony A7ii & A6300 and Cactus Flash


I have recently changed to Sony namely the A7ii and the A6300. My flash equipment comprises of the following:

3 No V6 units, 2 No RF60 flash units and 2 No Nissin i40 flash units (Fujifilm units).

I use one V6 on the camera as a trigger and then us the other V6's with the Nissin i40's and then the two RF60's. The RF60 are on Channel A, one i40 on Channel B and the other on Channel C. This set up works fine.

I want to be able to use HSS. Do I just change the V6 on the camera for a V6II or V6IIs or do all V6 units have to be upgraded to V6II or V6IIs? Since I am not using Sony or Minolta flash units do I need the V6IIs unit?

This change to the V6II or V6IIs assumes that all other Cactus units have the firmware upgraded to the appropriate version.

I hope the above is not to confusing?

Assistance would be appreciated.


  • You are going to need at least one Cactus V6IIS to act as transmitter. Better two to use each one with the A7II and the A6300 at same time or if you do not want to be swapping the V6IIS.
    The RF60 flashes can be upgraded to the latest firmware and you are going to have remote TTL and HSS (Using the X-TTL firmware for SONY).
    I guess that you could use the V6 with the Nissin i40 with HSS but you are not going to have remote TTL.
    You can mix and use at same time some flashes with remote TTL and others with manual adjustments:
    First RF60 on group A, Remote TTL.
    Second RF60 on group B, Remote TTL.
    First Nissin i40 on Group C, manual.
    Second Nissin i40 on group D, manual.
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