Using RF60X with V6ii as on camera ttl with Fuji

Hi folks,

I'm a little confused. Can I mount the RF60X on a V6ii as a hot shoe flash for TTL with Fuji? If I can do I need to change any settings please. I'm just aiming for fill flash


  • The RF60X is best used as an off-camera flash.

    It may also work on the V6II, but you'd have to use the RF60X as a radio slave (mode "S"), as there won't be any communication via the hot-shoe. The close proximity to the transmitter may cause issues but you could be fine if you leave the V6II in the "SHORT" work range setting.

    You may also have to isolate the centre trigger pin of the RF60X, if you use it on the V6II hot-shoe.

    You could avoid all those potential issues by using the RF60X on a camera-attached flash bracket (with a cold-shoe or tripod mount thread).
  • Thanks, it's been that many years since I used a flash bracket that I had forgotten about them. It is actually a great solution thank you.
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