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I have just bought 4xV6 to work with my Olympus OMD EM1 II. I have updated the software on all 4 devices (V1.08). I have three flashes (Olympus FL-900R, Nissin i60A, Metz 64 AF) which I tried to create profiles for using the learn system. I understand that the first step to do this is to choose which system the flashes are for but at the moment, all I can see in the list is Canon, Nikon, Pentax. Please can you help as I have an important shoot next week and needs all 4 unit to work.
PS I always use my flashes in Manual mode. 


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    Are all your flashes dedicated Olympus flashes, i.e., made to be used with an Olympus camera?

    In that cases, I'm afraid, the V6 will not support profile learning for them.

    Note that the "Canon, Nikon, Pentax" choice is for the flash system. In other words, the brand of the flash model is irrelevant. For instance, the Metz 64 AF-1 is always made by Metz, but there are many flash system variants of it. You can buy it "for Pentax" or "for Canon", etc. The profile learning is only supported for flashes that are dedicated to Canon, Nikon, or Pentax.

    You may still have success using your flashes with the V6, if you can use one of the existing profiles (for Olympus or Panasonic compatible flashes). Often, it is not necessary to have an exactly matching profile, but one from the same flash system will work, in particular if the maximum power level of the flash model is close to the profiled one.
  • Hello, thank you for your answer. Although I have to say your answer makes me very nervous as I have just spent the money on 4 units as your publicity material said that it worked with any flashes and with Olympus camera!

    So when I bought my three flashes, I obviously made sure they would work with Olympus cameras. So whether these specific ones also work with Pentax, Canon, or Nikon I am not sure. They work for Micro 4/3. 

    So how shall I proceed do you think? Should I forget flash set up and go to choose profile > Olympus > and then just choose any random one from the list, like Olympus FL-36 for example, and apply the same to all 3? Or, as I always use my flashes in manual mode, should I just set them all up as Manual Flashes?

    I look forward to your thoughts (with great anxiety...)
  • Hi, first I'm not from Cactus, I'm just a Cactus user and have helped with beta testing. :)

    If your flashes are compatible with m4/3, they are not compatible with Pentax/Canon/Nikon.

    Therefore, you can abandon flash profiling and proceed to trying one of the available m4/3 profiles, as you mentioned.

    Using "manual flash" or putting the flashes themselves into "M" mode, has the disadvantage of not being able to remote control power levels. You'd be able to trigger the flashes, but one of the great features of the V6 is the remote power control, so I'd try to make that work, if I were you.

    You should put your flashes into TTL mode and configure one of the available m4/3 profiles. I hope that will work for you.

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