Unable to control flash power on transmitter hotshoe once X-TTL firmware for Canon is installed

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I use a Viltrox JY-610C as a lightweight on-camera fill flash. Since it's not included in the list of flash profiles, I just change the settings to
  • camera system: Canon
  • flash system: Canon
  • flash profile: auto Canon
When Multi-brand HSS firmware (1.1.013) is installed, I have no problem controlling the power of the JY-610C which is mounted on the transmitter.

However, I can no longer adjust the power of the flash once the X-TTL firmware (CAN.A.004) is installed. Changing the settings on the flash, on the camera, or on the trigger (Menu button + scroll) does not change the flash power whether in manual or TTL. The same issue occurs when using a Yongnuo YN-468.

Since I need on-camera TTL fill flash for what I shoot, I'll probably have to stick to the Multi-brand HSS firmware until a fix/workaround for this issue can be found.


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    For V6II with X-TTL installed, both the Viltrox JY-610C and the Yongnuo YN468-II cannot have their flash power adjusted when they are mounted on the V6II (functioning as Tx); they always fire at full power.

    There also seems to be some sort of synchronization issue since the flash often fires without the light output actually contributing to the exposure of the picture being taken.

    However, these problems do not occur when a Nissin Di866 II is used instead (though I would rather not resort to this since it's far too heavy as on-camera fill flash).Scratch that. The connection between the V6II and the Di866 II is pretty iffy; I'd rather not use it during shoots

    Am I correct in assuming that X-TTL only works for flash models with predefined profiles? Would it be possible to have a firmware version that allows TTL passthrough while allowing X-TTL for remote flash units?
  • Additional details:
    When switching from OFF to TX, the V6 II is unable to automatically recognize the Viltrox JY610-C and Yongnuo YN486-II as Canon-compatible speedlites.

    If the flash system is manually set to Canon, the screen of the JY610-C is able to display the current aperture value used by the camera. This suggests that there is some communication actually taking place between the camera and the flash. However, both the trigger and the camera are still unable to change the flash power settings.
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