Canon 80D with Canon 580 EX II and Cactus V6 II Zoom not working.

Question 1: Why is the zoom of the flashes not reacting or changing based on the changing of the Cactus on the Camera?
Question 2: Why is the aperture (F) on the flashes not changing based on the setting in the camera?
I was expecting that the Cactus can control these settings for these Canon equipment.
Camera Canon 80D
3 off Cactus V6 II All with firmware 1.1.013
2 off Canon Speedlight’s type 580EX II
1 off Cactus V6 II in hot shoe Camera, in TX mode
Both Speedlight’s are on top of each own Cactus V6 II
Start-up Session always:
First Camera switched on and then Cactus in TX mode.
First Flash switched on and then Cactus in RX mode.
Flashers are in ETTL mode.
I have checked all the settings. I have mixed all tree in different positions (both in RX and TX mode).

I appreciate all your reactions.
Thanks in advance.


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