Mods to the RF60x

In general, great products. Can't beat the price for their function. Excellent stuff. In the next iteration of the RF60x, my major suggestion would be to tighten up the hinge mechanism, or give the users the option to stiffen the join. I currently have my RF60x outfitted with the Magmod system, and with some of the larger heads/modifiers, the additional weight at the end of the flash, causes the flash head to drop to the horizontal position. Other flashes (Nikon's for example) are much stiffer and can suspend the weight.

So to summarize, either install a permanently stiffer joint, or include some sort of hex tooling which can apply additional pressure to the mechanism, making it stiffer on command.



  • Excellent idea. Thank you so much for the positive support.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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