pre flash from 1 and flash from another flash

Hi, I'm having a strange problem. I have 2 flashes. Pre-flash comes out from 1 flash and the flash from another. Switching transmitors between them doesn't help. Transmitters are set to correct flashes. A,B or A, A same but output from flashing light is much less. All in P-TTL. camera 645Z, Flashes Pentax 540fgz (pre-flashes) and Metz 58 AF1( flashes). 2 different Pentax flashes preflash only, even on 2 different receivers. All flashes work fine mounted and with Acon transceivers


  • pre flash from 1 and flash from another flash
  • The V6 II uses different protocol to control the flash. That depends on the characteristic of the flash. Some of them may have pre-flash, while others may not. The goal is to synchronize all flashes and fire the main flash at the desire time.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
  • Surprised to hear such a comment from a SENIOR product Specialist. Pentax is using pre-flash for all and any flash it TTL mode.
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