HSS not working for Olympus OMD EM 1 Mark II / RF60x and V6 II

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I have an Olympus OMD EM 1 Mark II, two RF60x flashes and a V6 II.

Version A08 for the RF60x's
Version OLY.A.004 for the V6 II
My camera has the latest firmware applied.

I am able to manually control the flash power and aperture using the V6 II however when using the flash at any speed faster than 1/60 and banding starts to appear. I have reset the flash and tx/rx units many times back to the software versions above. The V6 II does recognize the camera settings as they change.

Do you have a link to a tutorial or more specific instructions for the settings specific to the Olympus OMD EM 1 Mark II or any known problems with configurations?

Thanks for your help.


  • I think I figured it out -- you can't do HSS when the camera is in a silent mode.
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