Increasing misfires

I have a pair of V5s, and they are starting to mis-fire more and more frequently. I'm assuming it's the strobe trigger rather than the camera (Canon 5D3) b/c usually the next shutter release triggers the strobe. Usually it's a single failure, but yesterday I went through about 4-6 actuations before the strobe correctly triggered. These units aren't under warranty, but aren't all that old, either. Is this a problem others are having?


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    I found my V5 triggers to be 100% reliable.

    How old are your batteries?
    Perhaps they need replacing/recharging?

    You may also want to try a different channel number (say, 12).

    For troubleshooting purposes you can try to see whether the strobe reliably fires when you use the test button on the V5 transmitter. If you don't encounter any problems in this scenario, the problem will be either with your camera or with the connection between the V5 and the camera.
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