TTL passthrough and HSS. OMD EM1

When I put my FL50r on my OMD EM1 I can high speed sync at 1/800 no problem, when I put cactus in between flash and camera, I get black band. How can I overcome this ?


  • Please activate the TTL pass-thought in the V6 Tx unit by press and hold the MENU button for 2 seconds. You will see the TTL icon on the display when activated. The flash should work as it directly mounts on the top of the camera. All TTL functions including high speed sync (HHS) should work properly.

    I hope that helps.
    Ray Chan

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  • Yes, I did the above before I posted the query. I have tried again and still same?
  • I have tested the V6 with FL-50R and Olympus OM-D. I set the V6 in Tx and activate the TTL pass-through. I also set the FL-50R to TTL AUTO FP. I can achieve HSS and TTL in this setup (see attached photo).

    I hope that helps and look forward to hearing you soon.
    Ray Chan

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  • Thanks for answer, I realised last night you either have to keep readjusting the joint between the v6 and the camera and/or the connection between the flash and the v6, therefore its a bit hit and miss to rely on. Thanks
  • Revisited problem today and found following, Set V6 to TX and selected FL50R. managed to get HSS display up. I took a image at 1/640 and got black band at top of image. TTL passthrough enabled. Then took V6 off camera, put flash onto camera and took image the same, 1/640 and no black band. Any suggestions?
  • I guess that is the connection problem. Can you check whether the V6 is locked on both camera hotshoe and flash hotshoe securely?

    As I tested the V6 and those Olympus gears here, I wasn't able to replicate the problem.

    By the way, can you tell me what firmware version you are using? Simply press and hold the A + D button on the V6, then switch it to RX / Tx from Off position. You will find the firmware info on the display.

    In case you need to update the firmware, please click below link to download the firmware updater,

    I look forward to hearing you soon.
    Ray Chan

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  • Yes I have the latest software. I have two V6 transceivers and problems with both, such a shame HSS won't work for me..

  • Hello guys,

    I have same issue as described the V6 Manual is stated the followings: 

    "The V6 will work as a wireless flash commander while supporting all the automatic features (e.g., automatic flash output via TTL metering,AF assist light, second curtain sync, high speed sync/FP shutter) provided by the TTL flash system."

    I cannot setup and use the High Speed Sync functionality with V6 and Nikon SB800 off camera neither with RF60 flash.
    So, does Cactus offers HSS with V6 and RF60???
    I bought 4xRF60 flashes and other 3xV6 having in mind to use the system outside with HSS functionality but I realized that it doesn't work.

    Please respond to my query.

    Thank you in advance!

    Regards, Vali Goaga Photographer
  • Hi Vali,

    you may find an answer to your question in the other thread where you posted the same question.
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