Is there a light meter that works wirelessly with Cactus V6

Hi.  First time question.  Does anyone know if there is a light meter that works wirelessly with Cactus V6 in the same way that a Sektronic light meter can fire a pocket wizard trigger unit?  Thanks, Dan


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    The only option I am aware of is to connect a light meter with a V6 (in Tx mode) via a cable.

    To the best of my knowledge, there is no light meter that has a built-in V6 transmitter.
  • Thanks Class A.  I'm slowly getting my head around this.  I have a bowen GM400 2 head kit, the ones without the inbuilt pocket wizard compatibility, but I am looking to buy some more studio strobes, perhaps some 500s.  I bought V6 over pocket wizard because I am using a sony a7s, which I new would work with the V6.  Now I am looking to buy a light meter and the simplicity of the sekonic with inbuilt compatibility with pocket wizard and bowens in strobe wireless.  I think I will stick with adding to my V6 units and buy one to attach to the light meter.  It's not the first time I've added complexity to my system by going with Sony!
  • If you really want your light meter to be wireless then you could consider getting a pocket wizard receiver and connecting that to a another V6 transmitter just to fire the strobes. More gear, that's for sure, but it would allow you to walk around with the light meter.  You wouldn't get power control from the light meter though, so it still wouldn't be a completely seamless solution.
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