Question on Soft-Box CB-60


Recently I got this product. The setup is simple but robust and the flash is kept in position very effectively.

Beside the external snap-ring of the bracket which is used for the soft-box the ringbracket has an internal cam-lock system. Is this compatible with specific brands of studio- lightformers where it could be used for as well?

Ist this (perfect) bracket available separately? 
Greetings from Germany


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    Hello Klaus

    Thank you for your recent purchase.

    This bracket is capable to work with other lighting modifiers with Bowens S-Type mount. It doesn't sell separately at this moment, but we will explore the possibility to sell it alone in the future.

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    This topic is rather old already, but I'm wondering if there is now a possibility to get this bracket seperately?


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  • Meanwhile you can find identcal brackets on eBay
    Greetings from Germany
  • Or order one directly from the Cactus Store:

    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager

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