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Cactus Fiberglass 40" Black/White Reflector Umbrella F-403

Designed to reflect and bounce the flash light onto the subject, Cactus F-403 expands the size of the light source and softens the hard light from a bare flash. The white-lined interior diffuses the light to create the most neutral color. The outside black covering prevents light from passing through and therefore contains light much better.

Umbrella frames are constructed with fiberglass to make it more durable. 16 ribs stretching through the canopy maintains a rounder and better shape. This design stands against strong wind much better than ordinary umbrella.

All Cactus lighting umbrella comes with carrying bag.

  • Cactus 40" Black/White Reflector Umbrella F-403 - 16x Fiberglass Frame
  • 16-rib fiberglass framework
  • Reflective color: White
  • Materials: Nylon canopy; metal shaft and tips, fiberglass ribs
  • For reflecting light softly and less directionally
  • Suitable for use with compact camera flash
  • Opened diameter: 41 inches / 104cm
  • Canopy curved length: 48 inches / 122cm
  • Centre shaft diameter: 7mm
  • Closed length: 63cm
  • Carrying case included
  • Weight: 518g

  • Cactus 40" Black/White Reflector Umbrella F-403 x1;
  • Carrying bag x1;