While photographers think that remote power control of portable flash has to be operated in the same TTL system, Cactus overthrows this concept by its
V6 Wireless Transceiver.

Cross-brand power control

The V6 is the World’s First flash trigger that can remotely control flash power of Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus and Panasonic’s system flashes – ALL AT THE SAME TIME! You are no longer limited by the SAME SYSTEM to get the versatility of remote power control you need. Cactus breaks the barrier!


Fastest Power Control

Cactus V6 has a well-thought user interface that allows users to do RATIO POWER adjustments in just ONE QUICK SLIDE.



It offers the MOST PRECISE power level control up to 0.1EV, even if the flash model does not offer this adjustment option.



Cactus V6 can even BENCHMARK the POWER OUPUT of flash models with different GN and ask them to emit the same amount of light.



And it doesn’t stop there. Cactus V6 also offers TTL pass-through, group control, optical trigger, delay timer and many more functions – all in your palm.



From now on, you don’t have to throw away your old TTL flashes when changing systems. You are not only saving your money but the environment as well.

Buy your Cactus V6 NOW and give your existing flash a new life.

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